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Nevada: Governor's school safety task force calls for "behavioral health program"

July 24, 2018, NV Public Radio: School Safety Task Force Recommends More Officers, Mental Health Providers After the Parkland, Florida school shooting, schools around the country were forced to face the fact that an active shooter situation is a real danger. Nevada is no different. Gov. Brian Sandoval created a statewide school safety task force to address the issue. … He said the task force focused on three main investment areas: behavioral health, improved school infrastructure, and more police officers assigned to schools. Canavero said the behavioral health program would build off the social workers in schools program that was launched in 2015. It would be a key part of preventing an incident of violence in school. … Canavero said some of the behavioral health professionals could be paid for through Medicaid but ultimately it will be up to the governor to decide what he will ask the Legislature to pay for…

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