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Nebraska, Iowa police officers learn about autism

Aug 3, 2023, KETV, Omaha: Autism Action Partnership hosts autism training for law enforcement

Autism Action Partnership hosted autism training for five law enforcement agencies from Nebraska and Iowa Thursday. The workshop focused on how to gain a better understanding of people on the spectrum and how to de-escalate situations.

Senior Director of Programs Michaela Ahrens said the training gives officers a different perspective through activities that put them in the shoes of someone with autism….

The training helps officers understand what could trigger a person with autism and cause them to become aggressive.

Officer Drema Roseberry said the training helps her learn what to do.

"To actually de-escalate situations and how we can have a better interaction with individuals," Roseberry said.

Officers also learn common behaviors and why it's important to rely on the caregiver.

Sgt. Brett Schrage works with Project Lifesaver and interacts with people on the spectrum often. He said each person with autism is different, meaning so is every interaction….


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