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NE: One in 5 teens will have "serious mental health issue"; in-school therapy planned

May 15, 2019, Lincoln, NE, 1011NOW: In-school mental health program in Southeast Nebraska One in five students ages 14 to 19 will experience a serious mental health issue. The problem is they usually wait at least 10 years to even address the issue according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Educational Service Unit Five, located in southeast Nebraska, is taking mental health matters into its own hands. The 400 students that attend Tri-County Public School have access to a mental health program that does not interrupt their school day. … According to McNally, the program is a different type of therapy. The focus is to meet kids where they're at and not pull them out of school to go to appointments. ... The program reaches kids Pre-K through 12th grade with all types of backgrounds. … The program is currently in 7 of the 10 ESU 5 school districts and it's expanding to an 8th next year. …


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