Nationally more disabled going to college; 'parents are really demanding more'

July 7, 2018, Bradenton (FL) Herald: More colleges enroll students with intellectual disabilities …Better job prospects The growth comes thanks to more federal and state funding and a 2008 law that gave intellectually disabled students access to postsecondary financial aid. It also stems from research that shows students with such disabilities who attend college are more likely to get jobs than their peers who don't…. By law, school districts are required to provide educational services to students with disabilities into their early 20s. And other training programs exist. Most of the college programs serve students 18 to 24 and are two years long, though Temple University, which has had a program for 13 years, has expanded to four. Most are aided by college students, who serve as mentors and coaches. Many receive far more applications than they can accommodate. "There aren't many options for people after they leave high school," said Kathy Miller, director of community services at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple, who oversees its program. "We'll interview 50 students for 10 slots."… Based on the growing need, the partnership wants to add more schools, including a community college and technical college. "Parents are really demanding more," said executive director Sherri Landis.