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Nashville: Elem students arrested for out-of-control behavior; school a "scary place" for teachers

Oct 25, 2018, Fox17, Nashville: Youth probation officer believes court is overwhelmed with elementary school students It's a fear that is the reality of many teachers, students attacking them. It's not just high school students misbehaving, sometimes it's the little kids too. … JaMita Bobo, a youth probation officer…. has been a youth probation officer for 10 years. She says bringing little kids through the court system is overwhelming court staff and doesn’t fix the kid’s behavior problem. “A lot of the smaller kids are really getting in trouble and they're trying to send them to juvenile court and you're calling him this and he's six. He's in kindergarten. This is how kindergartners act,” said Bobo. Bobo says the court system has been overwhelmed with elementary students. Last year 1,020 elementary students were suspended. The majority of those students are in third and fourth grade. … Little kids in big trouble is a sobering reality for retired elementary teacher and principal Gracie Porter who briefly came out of retirement last year to help fill teacher vacancies. “There were some difficult days," Porter said. "I must admit, far different from what it was when I was a teacher and principal." Porter says she prefers talking with students, but admits the classroom has become a scary place for some teachers.

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