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Nashville: Chuck E. Cheese offers "sensory Halloween parties"

Oct 30, 2022, News Channel 5, Nashville: Chuck E. Cheese offering sensory sensitive Halloween parties so everyone can be included

Every child wants to join in on the Halloween fun, but for children with Autism or who may get overwhelmed easily by all the commotion of the holiday, Chuck E. Cheese will be having a Sensory Sensitive Halloween party perfect for your little trick-or-treater.

Kids who struggle with sensory issues can enjoy their local Chuck E. Cheese with dimmed lighting, sugar-free candy, turned-down music, and just a calmer overall experience while still celebrating.

Chuck E. Cheese will open early — families can enjoy this Halloween party from 9 to 11 a.m. There will still be a Halloween costume contest and other fun activities for kids to enjoy.

Select Chuck E. Cheese's around the country have been hosting Sensory Sensitive Sundays once a month since 2016 in partnership with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

General Manager of the Murfreesboro Chuck E. Cheese, Chris Cuccia, said for many kids those Sundays are their first time being able to really experience the fun park….


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