Nashville: "1 in 10...under the age of 18 is experiencing impairment [due to] behavioral health"

May 10, 2018, WKRUN Nashville, TN: Pediatrician: Most important aspect of treating child mental health is beginning When it comes to pediatric mental health, one of the most important aspects to treating people is the beginning. From screenings and diagnoses, to medication and therapy, it can be overwhelming and scary. One in 10 children under the age of 18 is experiencing some impairment because of their behavioral health. That could include a wide range of problems, from depression and anxiety, even just sleeping disorders or hearing loss; all issues that, if not diagnosed, can end up not just changing the child's life, but actually changing their brain. "As they get older, those changes become less plastic and more solid, and that's when we start to see kids that grow up to act on some of those impulses," explained pediatrician Michelle Fiscus, and past president of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "Everything we see with chronic disease, addiction, is related to mental health in one way or another," she said. "Whenever we hear about young people doing mass shootings or who commit suicide or who commit some sort of heinous crime, my first thought is, 'What happened to that child? What kind of adverse childhood experience did they encounter?'" Dr. Fiscus said. … Instead, doctors should focus on getting to the cause of the problem.