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N. Stonington, CT: Local fair now has "new sensory room"

July 13, 2023, NBC CT: Local mom works to make North Stonington Fair sensory friendly Carolyn Cote runs a new sensory room at the North Stonington Fair.

The North Stonington Agricultural Fair is now underway and one of the newest attractions aims to help make the fair more welcoming for everyone: a sensory room.

Carolyn Cote, a mother of four, is behind the sensory room. Cote grew up in North Stonington and has been involved with the fair for years….

Cote's oldest daughter, Charlee, has sensory processing disorder. She has also been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Cote said that the fair caused sensory overload and was very difficult for Charlee, who is now seven years old.

"This fair, we strive for it to be a family tradition, but families like mine were left out," Cote said.

That is, until she had an idea. Cote started to notice sensory rooms popping up at some permanent attractions like aquariums and zoos. She asked the organizers of the fair if she could create a sensory room for the fair.

Jody Whipple is co-chair of the board. She was thrilled with the idea.

“It is a great opportunity and hopefully it is a great opportunity for other families as well," Whipple said.

The sensory room debuted at last year's fair. It was a hit.


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