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N. Carolina: ALL schools have more "mental health counselors"; plans to identify at risk kids

Sept 4, 2018, Raleigh (NC) News and Observer: Students are back in school, and with an extra $35 million for security and mental health help All around North Carolina, public school students are starting this new school year with more school resource officers and mental health counselors on campus to provide help, and potentially stop the next school shooting from happening here. The head of the state’s 115 school districts and various charter schools, State Schools Superintendent Mark Johnson, held a press conference Tuesday at the Wake County Sheriff’s Office with several fellow Republican politicians to remind people that the Republican-led state legislature previously approved $35 million for improved school safety measures this year. … “We know it’s not just going to take law enforcement,” Johnson said. “It’s going to take addressing students’ mental health issues as well. So we also were able to award more grant money out across the state for innovative mental health programs. Programs where we can identify students, identify their needs and get them the health they need.” Johnson also said school officials are working on developing an app for people to anonymously report rumors that concern them or anything they’ve seen regarding school safety. It’s expected to be ready next year….


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