N. Braddock, PA: Supt wants to partner with as "many community organizations as possible" for help

Jan 11, 2018, Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune—Review: Woodland Hills considering resources to help students cope with trauma The Woodland Hills school board is looking for more ways to ensure students can continue learning and feel safe at school in the wake of several incidents of violence that have taken place throughout the community this school year. "We believe it's very important to ensure the mental health services are available," said Board President Jamie Glasser, adding that the district has already made additional counselors and resources available to staff and students over recent weeks. Superintendent Alan Johnson said that the district wants to partner with as many community organizations as possible to ensure students have access to any resources that the district does not already provide. "We realize that we're primarily an educational institution, and we think we do a good job at that," Johnson said during the Wednesday's school board meeting. "We're not trained as counselors, we're not trained as mental health workers, we're not trained to do a lot of these things, and there are already agencies that do that."