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N. Attleboro, MA: "Skyrocketing special education costs"; "one-third, of the school budget"

May 16, 2018, North Attleboro (MA) Sun Chronicle: Norton schools to lose 30 employees under newly passed town budget … Going into the meeting, the school district found itself with a $2.18 million difference between what it requested and what the town proposed. School officials asked for a $2.94 million, or 10.8 percent, increase over this year’s $27.2 million in spending, but town officials informed them they could only afford a $764,000, or 2.8 percent, hike. … Baeta noted skyrocketing special education costs now consume about $10.1 million, or about one-third, of the school budget. There are nearly 500 students in special ed, 44 of whom are schooled out of district in pricey programs costing about $3.5 million. …

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