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Myrtle Beach, SC: City now "certified autism friendly destination

April 29, 2023, WLTX, Columbia, SC: Myrtle beach is a certified autism friendly vacation destination
VIDEO: Myrtle Beach is a certified autism friendly vacation destination. The Champion Autism Network rebranded and relaunched the Autism Travel Club card to help families locate autism ready business along the Grand Strand who are vetted and have staff trained to help families with autism.

The city’s autism awareness extends to the way they respond to emergency situations. Fire response, police response, being sensory friendly, understanding the special needs of that population is super important, …

There is a big difference between mental illness and needing to be sensory friendly and autism and these other potential situations that would come up that our first responders have to be aware of.

While the Autism Travel Club card highlights places and promotions during the summer Myrtle Beachstays and an autism friendly vacation destination year round.


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