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Muskogee, OK: Celebrate "Autistic Pride Day" June 18; ASD has always been here

June 10, 2024, Muskogee (OK) Phoenix: 5 THINGS: Learn about Autistic Pride Day, embrace neurodiversity

Autistic Pride Day is June 18. Ameridisability provides answers to the questions surrounding autism and the day’s celebration.

1 What is Autistic Pride Day?

“This observance aims to heighten awareness about the value of people with autism. The effort is all about reframing the negative perception of needing to cure/treat a medical epidemic and, instead, appreciate the wonderfully unique and purposeful individuals who live with autism spectrum disorder.”

2 How does Autistic Pride Day differ from Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Day?

“Its significance is equal to (or perhaps even believed to be greater than) Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Awareness Day. That’s because it is driven by members of the autistic community. Autistic Pride Day is a movement led by people with autism spectrum disorder advocating for themselves, versus organizations that spearhead efforts.”

3 What is the purpose of Autistic Pride Day?

“Autistic Pride Day is a reminder that people with autism have always been and will continue to be an important, treasured part of our human society. People with autism can and should feel proud of themselves and promote that being different, and/or autistic, is absolutely OK!”

4 What is autism?

“Autism is a complex developmental condition caused by differences in the brain. While abilities vary greatly per person, people with autism may behave, communicate, interact and/or learn in ways that are different than others.”

5 How many children are affected by autism?

“About 1-in-44 children are identified as having autism spectrum disorder, according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network.”




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