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Muscogee, GA: "Behavioral health company" hired by district to help kids (esp. with autism)

May 31, 2019, WTVM, Columbus, GA: Parents give input on providing behavior support program in Muscogee Co. schools Parents in Muscogee County were given the option to give their input on a contract aimed at assisting students with behavioral problems. The Behavior Support Program (BSP) will be available in the public schools. The program is provided by ChanceLight Behavioral Health, one of the nation’s leading providers of behavioral health, therapy and education solutions for youth and young adults. ChanceLight serves children and young adults with autism and other behavioral disorders, pediatric developmental delays, and physical challenges. ChanceLight is a behavioral health company,” said Brooks Keisler,vice president of ChanceLight. “We provide services for children with the greatest need. So, we work with children with autism. We work with children with EBD. We work with children that have perhaps alternative educational needs. So, we partner with school districts that can’t perhaps find the staffing and we go in and work alongside the school district to provide services for those children.” Instead of placing students with behavioral problems at an offsite location, ChanceLight will be inside the schools helping teachers with students. The goal of the program is to let teachers teach, and let professionals handle tougher cases.


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