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Mt. Pleasant, MI: District teachers 'trauma-formed'; CDC blames 'drastic change' in kids on parents

Aug 30, 2018, Alma (MI) Morning Sun: MPPS Teachers undergo 'trauma-informed school' training Mt. Pleasant Public Schools are equipping their teachers with knowledge on how to engage students experiencing trauma. … "We've begun a process across the district to educate our staff on how to work with students who have may have experienced or are experiencing traumatic situations," Community Education Director Kim Funnell said. The idea of this trauma-informed training is to inform the staff that the students may be acting out or disengaged in classes because of a possible Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), according to Funnell. ACEs was first termed during a study that was done by the Center for Disease Control between 1995 and 1997. Since then, the CDC has been studying the prevalence of ACEs in the national population. The study identifies these experiences as emotional, physical and sexual abuse, as well as having a household member being incarcerated, having a mental illness and/or abusing drugs…. Survey data from 2016 indicated that 26 percent of people reporting experiencing one ACE and over 12 percent reported experiencing four or more. The study also linked the childhood traumas to poor academic achievement, early starts to harmful habits, such as smoking or drug use, and a higher risk of serious ailments, such as ischemic heart disease and liver disease, according to the CDC. A study from the National Survey of Children’s Health in 2018 reported that around 68 percent of children aged zero to 17 have experienced one or more ACEs. … "The the first layer of the training is to have the staff understand the effects of trauma in the brain with development and learning," Funnell said. "If you're in that traumatized state, you aren't able to learn."… "We found that through the years that while we have the best curriculum and a highly-educated staff, we haven't been moving that needle," she said. "Over the years, there's been a dramatic change in what kind of student has been coming to school." …

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