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Morgan City, LA: Police open new autism unit to raise awareness

Oct 19, 2023, KQKI TV, Morgan City, LA: Morgan City Police Department Dedicates New Unit to Autism Awareness
Many residents have already noticed the Morgan City Police Department’s recent actions to promote Autism awareness by dedicating a specially designed police unit to the cause.

The vehicle displays a unique message, “Autism is not a disability, it’s a different ability,” featuring multi-colored puzzle pieces within the patch and a banner on the unit’s side with “Autism Awareness” written above it.

Lieutenant Carl Sofford, who is personally connected to autism through his son Drew, has been assigned to this unit, adding significant meaning to the initiative. Carl and his wife, Noel Birriel Sofford, have a three-year-old autistic son named Drew.

Drew attends The Emerge Center in Baton Rouge, a facility specializing in helping children with Autism. He participates in the Emerge Bloom Program aimed at enhancing communication, daily living activities, and skills. The program encompasses individual and group environments for social skill development for optimal learning and growth.

Described as a fun-loving child who enjoys music and socializing with others, Drew demonstrates a particular interest in watching things in motion. Despite being unique in his own way, Drew is not alone – Autism Speaks reports 1 in 36 children born in the United States are diagnosed with Autism.

Chief Chad M. Adams and the Morgan City Police Department take pride in incorporating this newly marked unit into their fleet, displaying their commitment to raising awareness about Autism. ...

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Why are these people in authority - who have boom toys and handcuffs - suddenly so interested in "different, not disabled" young people and teens? What is their true agenda?

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