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Montgomery County, GA: Schools to have "violence prevention teams"

July 22, 2019, WTOP, Washington, DC: Montgomery Co. [MD] approves creation of school violence prevention teams The Montgomery County Board of Education, which oversees Maryland’s largest school system, unanimously approved a plan to create behavioral threat assessment teams at each school and across the school district. Each behavioral threat assessment team will include a mental health professional and a school resource officer. Each team will be responsible for appraising student, teacher and staff behaviors to identify anyone who might pose a threat to the safety of the school or an individual at the school. … “The world we live in is very different from when I was a child. There are many more threats, many more things to worry about.”… Each principal must ensure that the school has an on-site crisis team to support students and staff. The crisis team must be trained in de-escalation and physical intervention skills.


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