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Monroe, LA: New autism school opens

Apr 25, 2023, KNOE TV, Monroe, LA: New school in Monroe focuses on students on the autism spectrum

For students who are on the autism spectrum, learning can be difficult.

“Well, ACE, the Academy of Collaborative Education, is only for kids on the autism spectrum,” said Joellen Freeman, therapist, and executive director for the Academy of Collaborative Education (ACE).

She says it’s also stressful for their parents.

Freeman says the number of kids who are on the spectrum is increasing.

“Just this year, it was one in 44, and just this year, the CDC came out and is now one in 36. So the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder is high, and that is because it’s being identified more and more and more,” said Freeman…

. They are looking for a principal and staff who have unique skill sets.

The school will be accepting 91 students when they open.

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