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Monroe, LA: New autism charter school for 96 opens

Sept 26, 2023, KNOE TV: “New public charter school hosts meet and greet for parents”

The Academy of Collaborative Education (ACE) hosted a meet and greet on Sept. 26 for parents with children who are on the autism spectrum.

During the meet and greet, leaders of the school shared a presentation on what the school offers and parents were able to ask questions.

The ACE is a new public charter school that will serve kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The school will have twelve classrooms with a total of eight children in each. The academic program and the essential academic program are designed to be tailored to each student’s needs.

If the school is approved by the Board of Secondary Education (BESE) next month, applications will be open on their website. They can only accept 96 students.

One mother and co-founder of the school said this on the tape.

As a parent of a child with autism, we struggle daily with putting our kids in a traditional school where sometimes the classrooms are not equipped with the right sensory needs and curriculum to better our children. ACE was founded and designed to empower our kids with autism to become lifelong learners,


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