Moline, IL: Grade school plans for 'sensory room' for kids who need "a quiet space"

Aug 17, 2017, Moline (IL) Dispatch-Argus, Sherrard may add kindergarten classes due to growth The district also plans to spend about $10,000 at Winola Grade School for a "sensory room" designed to address the physical and emotional needs of students.

"We will have a quiet space for students that need a quiet space. ... Then we’ll have some active spaces as well," said principal Kari Roberts. The room will include a cozy canoe, a mirrored wall, jumping boards and water tables. Students using the room would be chosen through teacher recommendations in tandem with the special education department and occupational therapist.

"This isn’t a place where kids would spend their entire day," Ms. Roberts said, adding students would be scheduled for 10-15 minutes, or as needed. "We don’t want it to become an escape room." School board president Rhys Fullerlove said the district is finding ways to meet more needs of students and, "hopefully, if it does well, we’ll extend it out to Sherrard."