MO State U: Report on nationwide 'campus mental health crisis'

Dec 4, 2017, Missouri State University Standard: Campus counseling center sees dramatic increase College students are increasingly experiencing mental health difficulties: a trend prevalent over the past few decades. A nationwide “campus mental health crisis” is what some people are calling the current situation, according to a report published in July 2017 by the National Council on Disability. Rhonda Lesley, director of the counseling center at Missouri State University, said she thinks the nation is making progress and “forward movement.” “I think one reason is … destigmatizing seeking care for mental wellness concerns, and people are now more willing to seek counseling or psychiatric services,” Lesley said. In the past three school years, the number of crisis assessments increased by over 2,000 percent and individual students counseled increased by 50 percent at Missouri State, according to the 2017 annual report provided by the counseling center. According to the report, students in crisis are the No. 1 priority for the counseling center. Students in crisis have increased by since 2010, however, the increase in students scheduling crisis appointments in the past two years is “in part due to changes made in how the center schedules intake and crisis appointments compared with previously managing all appointments on a walk-in basis.”