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Mississippi colleges prepare teachers; 'normal teachers' can't deal 'behavior issues'

Mar 19, 2019, WLGT-TV, Jackson, MS: New college courses train teachers to help elementary students with autism Children with autism now have more tools to help them learn behavioral skills to transition into mainstream classes. The Mississippi Autism Board and the Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi announced classes that are equipping teachers with the skills to become Registered Behavior Technicians. The news was shared Tuesday at the State Capitol. … “A huge appreciation to Holmes Community College and William Carey for establishing our first registered behavior tech programs in the state,” said MS Autism Board incoming Chair Dr. Kasee Stratton during the announcement…. The courses, the only program of its kind in the country, are for teachers in elementary school…. “Most of the children that come into my classroom have behavior issues that the normal teacher just can’t deal with because they haven’t been trained,” explained Lane. “This class helped train me how to be able to work with my students to make them productive students in the school."…


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