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Minnesota: Parents of sick kids demand medical cannabis use in schools

Jan 25, 2020, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnesota parents fight schools to allow children access to CBD The CBD boom could soon make its way into the classroom, if some Minnesota parents can win over wary school officials and state lawmakers. For Kelly King, that would mean peace of mind when she sends her 12-year-old son off to school in Chaska every day. Kade King suffers from grand mal seizures that render him unconscious and convulsing for minutes at a time. He needs his “rescue med” — an oral CBD oil — to snap out of it, because he struggles to metabolize epilepsy drugs and has even had adverse reactions to them. But CBD is not an option for sick children in most Minnesota schools, which ban it and medical cannabis on their grounds. That’s why parents whose children rely on CBD for medical reasons are fighting for change. It’s a debate that’s intensifying as the state medical cannabis program grows and the consumer market for CBD explodes in popularity. “It’s nerve-racking to put [Kade] on the bus every day,” King said. “Get a policy together. My son’s life is on the line here.”… “I think that we’re in uncharted territory right now and we’re trying to find the way,” said Terry Morrow, director of legal and policy services for the Minnesota School Boards Association. “School districts around the country are trying to figure out those questions.”

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