Minnesota: "More [college] students seek [mental health] services nationwide"

Mar 4, 2018, Minneapolis, MN, Minnesota Daily: More UMN students seeking mental health services As more students nationwide seek mental health services, some schools have to adjust their mental health service models. … Experts attribute the jump to increased openness about mental health and awareness of services on campus. As more students seek these services nationwide, some colleges have adapted their programming to keep up with the growing demand. … For the last several years, demand for mental health services on campus has increased. Boynton’s Mental Health Clinic has seen a 20 percent increase in visitation numbers this year compared to last year at this time, Christenson said. While Boynton struggled to keep up with growing numbers of mental health patients in the past, resulting in long wait times for some, the clinic has stayed on top of recent high traffic, Christenson said. Boynton hired 12 mental health employees and expanded the clinic in 2017, he said. ... Experts say the increased demand at the University of Minnesota mirrors national trends.