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Minneapolis: 18 year old SPED student assaulted teacher; 1,359 attacks on teachers/staff in 2016-17

July 23, 2018, ABC5, Minneapolis: Long Road to Recovery for Teacher Assaulted in School … Dukuly, 49, was hurt while working at Harrison Education Center in Minneapolis on May 22, where he works as a paraprofessional staff member. An 18-year-old student, Corey David Burfield was charged with first-and-third degree assault in connection with the incident. … Dukuly spent most of his time at HCMC in the intensive care unit until he was released in June. “I have a great passion for special education because I'm there to make difference in kids lives, especially kids who never had the opportunity," Dukuly said. School Staff Assaults Back in May, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS asked Minnesota’s Department of Education for data on teachers and school staff that were assaulted by students. Based on the most recent data from the state, 2016-2017 school year, there were 1,359 assaults on teachers and staff by students in Minnesota schools. … The Minneapolis Public School District had the most number of incidents, 275, according to the state records. (STORY VIDEO DETAILS ASSAILANT’S VIOLENT PAST.)


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