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Milford, DE: New ASD center opens; 'explosion of demand'/'need is ever increasing'

Sept 14, 2022, WMDT, Salisbury, MD: “The need is ever increasing:” BrightBloom Centers opens new facility in Milford, expands services for families impacted by autism
MILFORD, Del.- “So we’ve seen this explosion of demand and we’re really working hard to meet it,” BrightBloom Centers CEO Diliana Henry said.

There’s a growing need to support families impacted by autism in Delaware and BrightBloom Centers plans to tackle that with the opening of its new facility in Milford. This marks the organization’s fourth office in the first state.

In 2021, 1 in 44 children in the U.S. were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a 22% increase from 2020 according to the CDC. “Especially in areas like Milford and Southern Delaware that are more rural, the need is ever increasing because it hasn’t been met by other providers,” Henry said….

“And a lot of our assessments are play based. So they’re going to bring the kid into the center, play with them, and see what skills the child already has and then some areas where we can build some more skills,” Clinical Manager Morgan Lingo said.

BrightBloom Centers focal therapy approach involves Applied Behavior Analysis. This helps children on the autism spectrum increase their social abilities with things like completing tasks, communicating, and learning new skills. “When you see a child come in the door and they aren’t able to advocate for themselves, that’s an area we really work on is that self advocacy,” Lingo said….

Henry tells us the business took off back in 2014, inspired by her family’s need for services for their own autistic son.

Now with more space, they can continue to support families that travel nearly an hour for services. “That’s a big commitment and we want to rise to that occasion,” Henry said.

“I think being able to provide clients and families with those self-advocacy skills and allow them to advocate for themselves in multiple different environments has been my big Aha moment. Makes me feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile,” Lingo said.

Bright Bloom Centers offers services for children as early as one and up to 12 years old….

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