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Midland, TX: "Right now there are 425 kids with autism enrolled at MISD"

Apr 5, 2023, CBS7: April is Autism Acceptance Month

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) Members in the community are making sure those who have autism are celebrated.

1 in 36 people or 2.2 percent of the United States population has autism, now that doesn’t sound like a huge percentage but that’s over 5 million people.

Of those millions of people about 500 thousand live in Texas.

Midland ISD is seeing a higher need for special education. Right now there are 425 kids with autism enrolled at MISD.

“So we are actually seeing an increased need for services both within our district and in the community to serve our students with disabilities” said Tyrell White, Exec Director of Special Service

The City of Midland also showed their support raising awareness for Autism Acceptance Month….

Some of those organizations are Bynum school, MARC, Spectrum of Solutions and MCRC. These programs don’t just help people with Autism, they help the families too….


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