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Midland, TX: High school gets service dog with "calm/therapeutic demeanor"

Dec 17, 2018, Midland, TX, Your Basin: Permian High School adding therapy dog--Arlo was donated to the high school ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (BIG 2 / FOX 24) - Permian High School is adding a four-legged friend to their campus with the hopes of helping students struggling with stress and anxiety. One-year-old Arlo is a Golden Doodle, who's been training to be a therapy dog for seven months. … The 80-pound dog from Dallas cost around $3,000 and the training is around $15,000. But the school district does not have to pay for any of it. Caro says everything was donated to the high school by people in the community. That calm and therapeutic demeanor that Arlo brings is what Caro says will help students in need. …

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