Michigan: Disabilities to be considered before expelling students

Aug 21, 2017, ABC 12, Flint, MI: Changing student discipline with Restorative Justice practices Schools across Michigan are being asked to change the way they discipline students. The "zero tolerance" offenses will now have a different outcome. Instead of immediately suspending or expelling a student, the district has to come up with a Restorative Justice policy. There are seven factors that must be evaluated before a discipline decision is made. They include student's age and disciplinary history, whether or not they have a disability, the seriousness of the violation or their behavior, whether what they did threatened anyone else's safety, if restorative practices will be used to address their wrongdoing and if a lesser intervention would properly address their actions. ... Schools had to have this policy in place by Aug. 1. The school board will determine what restorative justice action will be taken on a case-by-case basis.