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Michigan: Adverse childhood experiences/toxic stress from home harms kids

Oct 21, 2018, WILX TV, Lansing, MI: Training offered in Capital Area for understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Dealing with childhood trauma is a difficult task, and now experts are finding out the impacts of abuse sticks with children longer than they may realize. For the first time in the Capital Area, training is being offered to deal with these experiences. "For one, I want people to understand that we are not alone. Everyone has their own form of trauma that they have endured," Lakiesha Allen said…. According to the Michigan ACE Initiative, Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs are serious childhood traumas that can result in toxic stress that can harm a child's brain. Repeated exposure to these ACEs can result in an increased risk of substance abuse, suicide attempts, diseases and more. … So the resilience training is to teach health care professionals, and social workers and school janitors and really anybody how to treat adverse childhood experiences," Norma Bauer, a community activist volunteer said….

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