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Miami, FL: Psychologist give patently obvious advice to teachers to address behavior

Aug 17, 2018, FL International University News: 5 tips to curb challenging classroom behavior Miami-Dade County Public Schools students head back to the classroom Monday, Aug. 20. As teachers put the finishing touches in their classrooms and parents attend orientations, FIU psychologist Erika Coles, offers insight both teachers and parents can use for a successful start to the school year…. 1. Establish classroom rules. … 2. Establish a classroom routine. Having a daily routine for students will facilitate teaching and learning, and will reduce behavior difficulties in the classroom. … 3. Create a reward system. Creating a daily reward system will help establish a positive classroom environment and keep students motivated. 4. Praise kids often,… Children with more challenging behaviors need to be praised more frequently when they are caught being good. 5. Communicate with parents early and often. … Fifty percent of mental health disorders begin before age 14, affecting the learning and school experience for all children. The FIU Center for Children and Families offers services for kids and teens struggling with ADHD and behavioral problems, anxiety and fears, academic and social skills, trauma, mood and depression, and more. The center also offers training and education for teachers who often are the frontline mental health providers for these children.

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