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MI: Governor calls for social workers/behavioral interventionists in every school

Sept 11, 2021, Macomb (MI) Daily: Whitmer discusses classroom issues at Warren Lincoln

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Warren Lincoln High School Wednesday afternoon for an informal round table discussion with educators, administrators and students in order to better understand the issues schools are facing as they return to in-person learning…. “We make sure every one of our buildings has a social worker and a behavioral interventionist because that is more of a proactive than reactive approach,” said Bogner. “They are able to work with kids and teach them positive strategies.” There are sensory rooms in all buildings in the Van Dyke school system and staff has been trained in trauma informed teaching…. “The additional state and federal resources coming to our school districts will provide welcome reinforcements to the varied programs we’re able to offer students to keep their learning on track and to care for their mental, social, and emotional well-being,” said Bogner. “We’re proud to have the governor here for our strong start to the new school year.”


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