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Medford, OR: Trainees learning how to help victims of adverse childhood experiences

May 22, 2018, ABC12, Medford, OR: Group Helping Community Understand Impacts of Childhood Trauma Today Southern Oregon Success is training local parents, businesses, and medical officials on how to help people who have experienced childhood trauma. Southern Oregon Success says around two-thirds of Oregonians have experience a trauma during childhood. They say those experiences affect our physical and mental health later in life. "They really are the root causes of things like homelessness, and poverty, and educational and behavior challenges," says Peter Buckley, a trainer with Southern Oregon Success. The group categorizes these traumas from the ACEs study, which stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. It studies the correlation of trauma from household dysfunction, neglect, and abuse to problems later in life. "As those numbers of adverse childhood experience do the challenges they face," says Buckley. … So far more than 10,000 people in Jackson and Josephine counties have been trained. Southern Oregon Success is currently training every school district in both of those counties. The next ACEs training will be in September in both Medford and Grants Pass. The training's are open and free to everyone.

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