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Medford, OR: Teachers forced to deal with ongoing outbursts/violence in the classroom

June 19, 2018, Bend (OR) Bulletin: In Medford, teachers, parents report an increase in disruptive students The academic year is done, but school districts have an ongoing assignment: figuring out how to address an increase in disruptive behaviors by students. Screaming at teachers, throwing objects ranging from musical instruments to chairs, and leaving class without permission but with loud outbursts are just a few of the behaviors parents and teachers say they and their students dealt with over the past school year.... To hear some parents and teachers tell it, including some who also attended that board meeting, the school district has been slow to respond to repeated disturbances in the classrooms. It’s a feeling shared both by parents whose kids are evacuated from class and parents of the kids causing the evacuations. Kelly Taylor said her kindergartner daughter was first suspended in the past year for behavior issues after she returned from Christmas break. She threw objects in class and had outbursts that sparked evacuations. Mental health specialists with the Medford School District and county assessed the child, eventually offering a diagnosis: disruptive mood disregulation disorder…. District officials, meanwhile, said that schools across the nation are dealing with an increase in behavioral problems in early elementary grades....

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