Medford, OR: Growing problem of "kids in crisis at home disrupting their classes at school"

Nov 24, 2017, Medford (OR) Mail Tribune: Noah: Good news sometimes is the best news ...But my heart does leap a little when I hear of something good that’s going on in this rather messed-up world. And when I read Tony Boom’s story on the HUGs program at the Phoenix-Talent School District, I put it on the front page. HUGs appears to be solving a problem that can bring even the most seasoned teacher to tears: kids in crisis at home disrupting their classes at school. The troubles of a few mean everyone suffers. And the problem grows as many of society’s ills take their toll on children and their parents. HUGs stands for Hello, Update, Goodbye. Students feeling anxious or being disruptive can go to a room and talk with a coordinator who helps them identify their emotional state, talk about their feelings, and return to their classrooms ready to learn.