Medford, OR: Claim of 'violent and psychologically damaging conditions' at elementary school

Nov 20, 2017, CBS10, Medford, OR: Anonymous e-mail: "uncontrollable behavior" at Roosevelt Elementary An anonymous e-mail addressing concerns at Roosevelt Elementary School is creating waves among school and district staff. News 10 received the e-mail Sunday night from someone claiming to be an educator at Roosevelt Elementary School. They said students' behavioral problems are creating "violent and psychologically damaging conditions on a daily basis" in a school where students are allowed to "assault teachers, throw chairs, scream at the top of their lungs, leave school property, and swear at adults." The e-mail goes on to say that staff members have resigned their positions because of behavioral issues at the school. Both a representative from the school district and a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary say that isn't true. Today, the district released a response e-mail to Roosevelt staff stating that they take the concerns seriously and plan to address them right away. The district says they're taking measures to combat negative student behavior, including decreasing class size, increasing staff numbers and implementing staff training in Adverse Childhood Experiences and Restorative Practices, a method of approaching students who have experienced trauma. The district shared four staff responses to the negative e-mail. All of the responses said that the anonymous e-mail was not the best way for the educator to handle their concerns….