McLean Cty, IL: "Embedded therapists" help students with self harm/mental health issues

April 22, 2018, Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph: Saving lives: Pilot project responds to increased student anxiety More than 200 McLean County children and teenagers experiencing a mental health concern or crisis have more people listening to them — and more youth will be helped in the months to come — thanks to an innovative partnership among several area schools, two mental health agencies and the McLean County Health Department…. Local junior high school students and educators explain how the embedded therapists' project is leading to mental health progress and stability in their schools…. The project is providing therapists from Chestnut and the McLean County Center for Human Services who are based, or embedded, in several area schools, ready to meet with students experiencing a mental health concern or crisis. … "We know every school needs this," said Tello, adding, … Students dealing with mental health concerns "is a lot more common than people might think," Fidlow said. "I'm getting positive feedback from teachers, counselors and parents." Fidlow has worked with students to prevent self-harm such as cutting….