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Massachusetts: Three autism centers open; 'we are excited'

Aug 16, 2021, Yahoo Finance: Autism Care Partners Acquires Puddingstone Place™, Expands Services to Children With Autism in Massachusetts

Autism Care Partners ("ACP or "the Company") is excited to announce the acquisition of Puddingstone Place™—a Massachusetts-based autism treatment organization. With this acquisition, ACP becomes one of the largest providers of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and related therapies in Massachusetts. In addition to Puddingstone's three centers in eastern Massachusetts, ACP will expand the Visual Immersion System™ (VIS), an innovative treatment program developed in the Autism Language Program (ALP) at Boston Children's Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Howard C. Shane, who will join the ACP leadership team as a Senior Advisor*…. "We are excited to expand our services deeper into Massachusetts with the addition of Puddingstone's three treatment locations. We saw an immediate synergy between our organizations as Puddingstone Place™, like us, takes a holistic approach to treating autism by offering families one-stop access to ABA, speech, and occupational therapy services. This partnership furthers our mission by deploying the innovative, visual-based methodology being offered at Puddingstone throughout our growing network, and most importantly, to the hundreds of families we serve," said Jim Spink, CEO of ACP…. About Autism Care Partners Founded in 1992 as an Early Intervention provider in New York City, Autism Care Partners has become a recognized leader in the delivery of comprehensive behavioral therapy to individuals on the autism spectrum…. The company operates 14 multi-disciplinary centers throughout the Northeast. …


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