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Mass: "Surge in demand" for autistic adult housing; "snowballed into a crisis"

Jan 7, 2024, BNN: Navigating the Housing Crisis for Autistic Adults in Massachusetts: An Inside Look 

The journey from childhood to adulthood for individuals grappling with autism is fraught with significant challenges. The most daunting among these is often the quest for suitable housing and daily support services. This struggle is not just a theoretical construct but a tangible reality for many families with autistic members, a reality that I, as a former program coordinator at Community Autism Resources and a mother of a 37-year-old daughter with autism, have personally experienced.

Unmasking the Housing Crisis

My daughter’s discharge from a dayhab program threw into sharp relief the grim issue that many families like ours face – a system ill-equipped to serve the burgeoning number of autistic adults. It’s a wake-up call to the urgent need for housing solutions. The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and its vendors, in their inability to provide necessary support, stand testament to this critical deficiency.

Understanding the Magnitude

The failing of the state in predicting the surge in demand for housing, despite the availability of special education data, has snowballed into a crisis. Analysis by Autism Housing Pathways (AHP) augurs a considerable number of young adults requiring group home placements and supportive housing units annually. The state does have a supportive housing program that could potentially be scaled up to meet this demand, but the challenge lies in overcoming the lack of political will to channel sufficient funding into these housing and service programs.

Identifying Potential Solutions

Despite the gloomy landscape, there are glimmers of hope. The Group Adult Foster Care program, a relatively obscure initiative, has demonstrated success in providing housing and daily support services to disabled adults, including those with autism, in the Boston area. With appropriate funding and political commitment, this model holds the promise of resolving the housing crisis for autistic adults within the next decade.

It is high time we acknowledge the scale of this issue and galvanize our resources to provide a dignified and secure life for autistic adults. The time for action is not tomorrow or the day after; it is today, it is now.

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The neurodiversity movement claims that 'autism'** is 'the next step in human evolution', 'a different way of thinking', 'AUtism/Awesometism' and other ridiculous claims based on mildly affected adults who didn't have to be placed in self-contained SPED classrooms or have to be kept away from highschools and 'age appropriate' settings. I say this as an early-2000's born autistic who never attended any highschool (outside homeschooling/home-based 'HS') aand only went to three short years of 'public school' (late 4th-early 7th grade) in my entire life.

'The Thinking Persons Guide to Autism' denies and refuses to talk about the NEED for aluminum chelation therapies/bentonite clay therapies, charcoal therapies, gastroenterology and probiotic therapies, etc as their teenage/preteen members are brainwashed into the U.N.'s…

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