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Mason City, IA: District adds 5th therapy dog to help with "emotional/mental needs"

Aug 25, 2021, Mason City (IA) Globe Gazette: New to the pack: Roosevelt Elementary gets a therapy dog

There’s a brand new addition to the Roosevelt Elementary School staff with four legs and a wet nose. Teddy, a one-year-old whoodle, is the new therapy dog to the Mason City School District. He is joining four other therapy dogs in the district…. Truex says Teddy has lots of energy but his energy is used towards seeking out attention from people. Teddy understands because of training to look for certain signs when he is interacting with people. She added that because of this, Teddy is able to “bring the calm” to others…. Versteeg said his reaction to Teddy was getting a big smile from being around him. He added he is excited to see the work that Teddy will do for the students and teachers at Roosevelt Elementary. “I think Teddy will help kids and adults have better days,” said Versteeg. Teddy, the new therapy dog at Roosevelt Elementary, gets attention from Mason City Community Schools Superintendent Dave Versteeg. Provided The purpose of Teddy’s work is interacting with a range of kids and helping with their emotional and mental needs. Tara Truex, Teddy’s handler and a special education teacher, says he has been excited to get to work with the students for a while now…..

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