Maryland; 60% of students read below grade level; linked to failure to diagnose dyslexia

Feb 8, 2018, WBAL—TV Baltimore: Failure to diagnose dyslexia a problem in Maryland public schools Some literacy experts believe that more than 60 percent of Maryland public school students are reading below grade level due, in part, to the failure of educators to diagnosis a learning disorder called dyslexia. It's a message that grassroots organization Decoding Dyslexia Maryland has been trying share for years. Students who have problems with word recognition and poor spelling often go unnoticed. … Parents are pushing for change. They came from across the state to Annapolis Thursday to share their stories of frustration, and hopefully get lawmakers to listen. "It wasn't working and I would go to the school (and say), 'There's something wrong, there's something wrong,' and they kept on insisting she was fine," said Baltimore County parent Liz Hembling. … Decoding Dyslexia Maryland is supporting two bills that would require colleges go a step further in preparing teachers for the classroom. … It's an issue the group says is now being recognized by more and more Maryland parents…. Both dyslexia bills are set for hearings in Annapolis later this month.