Marshfield, MO: Border collie relieves student stress at local high school

Nov 29, 2017, Marshfield (MO) Mail: Fergie Thursday--A border collie enters MHS as therapy dog Some days can be stressful and seem like they will never end. For high school students, there are a lot of things that cause stress: homework, work, grades, etc. Marshfield High School has a solution and science teacher, Kim Fields has created Fergie Thursdays for this reason. Fields’ dog, Fergie, is a border collie, but is also a therapy dog for just about anyone who needs it. Most students confuse Fergie for a service dog but the difference is a service dog is for a medical condition, whereas a therapy dog is for providing affection and comfort to people. … Fergie has been allowed in the school for over three years now. “Fergie Thursday helps me with stress, especially because I am a dog lover. I think dogs are really good at relaxing students because they’re so lovable and cute,” senior Rhianna Alexander said. … Having Fergie at the school aims to help students get in a happy mood for school and relieves all the stress from everything they have to deal with.