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Marshall, WI: District seeks $100M grant for school safety needs

June 21, 2018, Sun Prairie (WI) Courier: Marshall School District plans safety upgrades, awaits status of grant To be proactive on school safety, the Marshall School District and the Village of Marshall Police Department worked together in June to examine the safety needs of the school, police Lt. Kristine Quam reported at the June 12 Village of Marshall board meeting. Officers Daniel Schuster and Quam walked through all four schools and made safety recommendations. The main purpose was for the school safety grant submission. The Marshall School District applied for the maximum of $80,000, which includes $20,000 for all four schools. The grant will provide $100 million for school safety projects that is available to all school districts through a Department of Justice grant application process. … “Marshall School District has done an amazing job being proactive for many years on the safety of the schools,” Quam said. Quam reported that one of the recommendations was numbering the doors to the classrooms, …for an amount of $2,600…. Marshall School District Business Director Bob Chady added that the district is working on updating and enhancing the use of security cameras …for a total of $34,000…. The biggest grant request is shatter resistant glass film application in the main entrances and for all other entrances into schools… for a total of $27,930. Also requested was additional key fob access …which totaled $15,000. … Chady said that the district will not be denied the grant as they are basically guaranteed at least $20,000 per school, an $80,000 total. …

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