Marlborough, NH: School budget increase "driven largely by rising SPED costs"

Mar 7, 2018, Keene (NH) Sentinel Source: Marlborough School District budget leads to discussion about special-education costs, state funding Voters at the Marlborough School District’s annual meeting Tuesday night approved a $6.1 million budget anticipated to spike taxes by 20 percent. The proposed budget passed by a narrow margin, 20-17, after a failed motion to trim about $65,000 and a fractious, hour-long debate centered around spending on special education. The $282,291 budget increase is driven largely by rising special-education costs, according to budget numbers released by the school board. At Tuesday’s meeting, in the Marlborough School gym, several residents questioned the large sums going to support a small number of special-education students. School administrators, meanwhile, explained that state and federal law requires the district to provide — and fund — an adequate education for every student, including those with needs that cost more. … Several other residents voiced concerns about special-education costs. Justin Boisvert asked if families whose kids have special needs undergo a financial assessment to see if they can chip in for the cost of education, as applicants for federal college-tuition assistance do….