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Marine, IL: New special school planned

Apr 10, 2023, Alton (IL) Telegraph: New private school set in Marine

…Chris Loemker owns the former Millie's Diner at 302 W. Division St. and 106 S. Nebraska St. in Marine which also once was a daycare. Millie's closed in October 2019 and Loemker bought the property in 2020, renaming it the Marine Diner. Last week Loemker detailed for Marine village trustees a perfect storm of negative events, along with an unexpected blow. that spelled the end of the diner….

Instead, a plan for a school for kindergarten through fourth grade special needs students came about. Loemker said that while the area has facilities for middle and high school students needing individualized education plans (IEPs) there are very few such places at the elementary school level.

... The school will start small, with two educators and an assistant, Loemker said. It would first accept a handful of students, with a maximum capacity of 20 students in the dining room with another classroom in another area. Lunch will be provided.

Marine Mayor Kelly Tracy said the village will miss the diner but she is pleased the building won't sit idle.


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