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Marin County, CA: Schools see more anxiety/self-destructive behavior; teachers lack training

March 10, 2019, Marin (County CA) Independent Journal: Marin Voice: Schools must support students’ emotional challenges The Tamalpais Union High School District board recently removed cuts in psychological health services for students from its list of budget cuts. This decision is to be highly applauded. But that it was on the list in the first place is an indication these services are not of the highest priority. They should be…. We see increasing suicides by adolescents. High anxiety and self-destructive behavior is well documented by mental health professionals who work with adolescents, … Teachers have enough on their plates without also being trained as counselors, but they can learn: (a) to identify students who are struggling emotionally; (b) ways of creating low-stress supportive classroom environments; (c) and ways of creating small student groups that strengthen the feeling of community in the classroom. …


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