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Marblehead, MA: More "behavioral and mental health issues"; 'everybody is dealing with this'

Nov 8, 2018, Wicked Local Marblehead (MA): Marblehead School’s Special Education Dept. seeing red Out of district tuition costs trigger a $755,000 deficit It is only 10 weeks into the school year and officials have already frozen the budget as a result of soaring special education out of district tuition costs. … An increase in tuition costs coupled with a jump in the number of out of district placements is what is driving the expenses. Maniaci said the rise in out of district placements could be attributed to several things including an increase in behavioral and mental health issues and new families moving into the district…. Maniaci said she’s received several calls from other school business managers looking for advice on how to create similar funds in their communities. She called the School Department is lucky that town finance officials worked with them to find a creative solution to a problem that’s plaguing school districts across the commonwealth. “Everybody is dealing with this, everybody,” she said adding, “And we’ll continue to work with the town Finance Department and town committee to figure out how to fund this.”
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