Mansfield, OH: Superintendent recommends behavior analyst to help with SPED kids

Nov 22, 2017, Mansfield (OH) News Journal: Mansfield schools consider adding more administrators Superintendent Brian Garverick is recommending that Mansfield City Schools add three new administrative positions. The district board of education on Tuesday had a first reading of job descriptions for a behavior analyst, a district assistant principal and a family resource/community engagement coordinator. The behavior analyst would be a specialist who would focus on a specific group of special education students in grades seven through 12, according to assistant superintendent Mark Manley. This staff member would be hired in addition to a contracted behavior analyst who already works in the district and who would remain under contract to focus on younger grades. Director of pupil services Jonathan Burras said the second behavior analyst is needed to identify and meet the needs of student whose inability to access the curriculum is less academic and more behavioral. Board president Renda Cline expressed support for the recommended position. "I'm glad that we're getting the behavior analyst because we've already recognized the substance abuse issues we have, and with that we have sensory integration issues with students," Cline said. "They have self-managing deficiencies, if you will, and that's not for a lot of our teachers what they went to school for."