Mankato, MN: Conference on trauma at home-"the root cause of certain bad behaviors" in school

Dec 1, 2017, Mankato (MN) Free Press: Conference continues focus on childhood trauma As research into the impact of traumatic experiences on a child’s development becomes more known, so too do strategies to help people who experienced them. A conference on adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, Friday at Minnesota State University focused on moving research into the subject forward into action. … The previous gathering was meant to introduce attendees to ACEs research. Friday’s goal was to move beyond that into how services can adapt to better help people who’ve experienced ACEs, said Debra Gohagan, MSU’s child welfare program director. … In certain cases, ACEs could be what happened to them. ACEs can include abuse, neglect and a range of other traumatic experiences someone could be subjected to even starting in utero. Dave Ellis, a consultant and motivational speaker who led the conference, said ACEs can be seen as the root cause of certain bad behaviors. Knowing these root causes can be instilled in people at a young age, he said the focus should be shifted from identifying ACEs in children ages 4 to 6 to even earlier in the zero to 3-year range. … “Once people recognize this there’s a whole set of skills that can be taught to help people learn self regulation so children don’t have to act out in a classroom,” she said. … “Without that training often we’d judge people on their behaviors,” said Jane Vader, youth outreach worker at The Reach.