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Mankato, MN: Autism provider expands into WI and IA

Nov 7, 2023, Mankato, MN, KEYC: Minnesota Autism Center to expand
The Minnesota Autism Center is expanding into Wisconsin and northern Iowa.

The center is a a non-profit autism behavioral therapy company serving kids with autism from 18 months to 21 years of age. The organization has acquired two more facilities, one in Wisconsin and one in northern Iowa. The Iowa center was already acting as an autism center with a contract with MAC, and patients will carry over to the new ownership. The MAC says that the expansion is part of an effort to expand their reach to communities around the Midwest.

“One of our kind of internal goals that we’ve always talked about is that we’re within 45 minutes to an hour of every person in the state of Minnesota. Because it shouldn’t matter what town you live in or what state border marks you, if you need help you should be able to get it,” said Jen Diederich.

The new ownership of the facilities goes into effect December 1.

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